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As a part of conversion of my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll, I decided to perform a bit of spring cleaning of the very old and now irrelevant blog posts. I subsquently deleted quite a lot of posts but have saved snippets of some of the best bits I may want to use again at some point…and here it is.

###Bulk filename rename utility Not a web tool as such, but a great Windows tool that bulk renames groups of files in one hit. Can be a big time saver if you need to rename a lot of files , which I frequently need to do.

Bulk filename renamer utility

###Convert pixels to cm’s and vice versa Convert pixels to cm’s and vice versa with this handy calculator. Useful if you want to convert dimensions from print to web and vice versa (which Ive had to do today!)

Pixels (X) to Centimeters Conversion Calculator

###.htaccess Generator A handy tool you can use to generate a .htaccess file. Very useful if you are running an Apache web server – NB – This doesn’t work on sites hosted on IIS.

.htaccess Generator :: Webmaster Toolkit

Also, I found quite a good .htaccess tutorial to give you a good grounding of what you can and cant do with the file.

###Broken link checker Excellent and more importantly FREE broken links checking tool called Sleuth. An invaluable tool in any webmasters toolbox, especially if you have a large site. I uncovered 6 broken links on the site I manage which I didn’t know about.

Find broken links on your site with Link Sleuth

###Colour scheme generator Do ever struggle to come up with a colour scheme/palette when building a site from scratch? Yep, me too. So with that in mind, simply pick your base colour and go to the colour wizard and it will suggest a multitude of various colour schemes for you to use on your site.

Color Wizard – Color Scheme Generator – Color Theory for web designers

###Favicon generator Generate a favicon simply and easily using a bitmap image on your computer.

Favicon Generator and Gallery

###How to identify a font Seen a font in use and want to know what it is? Use this tool is amazing!


###Colour blender tool Supply two color values in either hex, short hex, RGB percentages, or RGB decimals and get as many as ten colors shades between the two you supplied. Great for finding a color halfway between two shades you like, or mixing two colors together in various proportions.

Color Blender

###Website Optimiser Google Optimizer is the latest in the amazing free arsenal of free tools from Google, the aim of which is to help you increase your web site converstion rates and ultimately your ROI. The Google Website Optimizer overview video tells you all you need to know to get started and here’s a link to the Google Website Optimizer main page.

It basically allows you to create several different versions of a web page (which you design) which has some sort of ‘call to action’ and will then randomly serve these variations of the page to your users. It will then report to you which was the most effective in terms of conversation rates and will ultimately increase your ROI. Pretty interesting to see how good (or crap) your web pages are at achieving their goals!

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