Web 2.0 badge tutorial using Fireworks

I have just designed a range of ‘web 2.0’ style (yes I’m aware that term is both cliched and very generalist!) badges using Adobe Fireworks CS5.  These badges are for use on an ecommerce site I am currently working on, hence the ‘look at me’ in your face style to try and draw the users eye to the products we are trying to push.

I will go through a tutorial of how to make these when I get the time, but for the moment I thought I would share the source PNG versions of these badges so anyone can use them in their projects.

You can download the source 24-bit PNG file of the web 2.0 badges by clicking the preceding link.  All the layers are maintained in this PNG file so you can chop and change the text, colours and sizes around to suit your project requirments as you see fit.  If you have any questions of how to manipulate the PNGs just leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out.  I will produce a screencast in the near future which will show you how to create your own from scratch.

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