Pinking shears, zig zig, teeth effect tutorial in Fireworks

A nice little web design effect which seems to be doing the rounds at the moment  is to vertically ‘cut up’  web site regions (header, content, footer, etc) into differently coloured sections with decorative ‘teeth/zig zag/pinking’ pattern as top and/or bottom borders.  The effect appears to be a digital abstraction from the craft of dressmaking, as the sections of the web site look like that have been cut up with a pair of pinking shears.

To illustrate this effect here are a few samples of screenshots I have taken from three web sites I have seen which utilse this effect:

I wanted to know how to make this effect myself in my design tool of choice namely,

Adobe Fireworks
, so I set about learning how to do it and thought I would share it with the world with this video screencast tutorial, enjoy!

Watch the video tutorial


Fancy a real life pair of pinking shears?

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