How to debug Javascript

A brief write up of the procedure I use to debug Javascript errors when an event is fired.

See which linux user WordPress is using

Add the following line to the top of your index.php file and it will print to the screen the name of the linux user on your box which WordPress is running under.

MySQL command line administration cheat sheet for Linux

I have been muddling through the world of MySQL database administration via the command line since I setup my own linux VPS web  server (with help from the good folks at Digital Ocean).

How to display error messages on WordPress white screen of death

Ever had the dreaded WordPress “white screen of death”? Ever wondered why the F they don’t give you any indication as to what is causing the problem? Yeah me too.

How to create an Amazon EC2 instance and install PHP, MySQL and WordPress on AWS

Here’s a guide I wrote (primarily for myself) with details everything you need to do to spin up an Amazon EC2 VPS instance and install and configure a WordPress to run a website on it.

SASS and SVG website buttons

A series of SASS powered buttons with resizeable inline SVG icons

Crop WordPress post thumbnails from the top

I have just been going through the process of auto cropping featured image sizes so they all look same size on a site I’ve been building recently.  I was using the “hard crop” parameter of the add_image_size function to crop all my featured post images so they adopt a king of ‘letterbox’ shape using the dimensions 800×200.

Microsoft HTTPAPI/2.0 use Port 80 – Cannot Start WAMP Apache

Just had a very weird problem with MAMP for Windows 7 where Apache all of sudden could not bind onto port 80 for no reason and the Apache service was refusing to startup.  I ran the port 80 test in MAMP and got the following message:

How to remove an image background using Adobe Fireworks

A tutorial I wrote detailing a simple and effective method to remove a background from a photograph, most importantly in a none destructive manner.

Letterpress tutorial in Fireworks

The letterpress is an effect taken from the printing world where text is machine-stamped onto the paper or card so the words are physically pressed into the surface so you can actually see and feel the indentations. This is a video tutorial I made in Adobe Fireworks which shows you how to recreate the effect.

Pinking shears, zig zig, teeth effect tutorial in Fireworks

A nice little web design effect which seems to be doing the rounds at the moment  is to vertically ‘cut up’  web site regions (header, content, footer, etc) into differently coloured sections with decorative ‘teeth/zig zag/pinking’ pattern as top and/or bottom borders.  The effect appears to be a digital abstraction from the craft of dressmaking, as the sections of the web site look like that have been cut up with a pair of [pinking shears]

A style tile for Adobe Fireworks

My take on the uber useful style tiles and my very own template created as a Fireworks PNG for anyone to download and use.

Learn Responsive Web Design – Some Resources

I have recently stumbled upon the concept of responsive web design and following reading several articles on the topic, and bearing in mind the ever increasing number of web enabled devices (tablets, mobile phones, web enabled TVs, laptops, wide screen PC monitors etc) now flooding the market,  I believe this is the future of coding web design.

Print all HTTP server variables to screen in PHP

HTTP Server variables are very handy snippets of configuration information about the server your web page is hosted on.  There are a multitude of ways you can use this information which I shall cover later in the post.  Anyway without further ado, here’s the code for how to all your HTTP server header variables in PHP:

List archives for a specific category using wp_get_archives() in WordPress

I wanted to display a list of all the previous episodes on my podcast website.  I have assigned a category of ‘podcasts’ to each blog post I published which contained podcast episode content.

How to add featured image to RSS feed

I have just connected the RSS feed for my Seasiders Podcast blog with its respective Facebook fan page wall using the Social RSS Facebook application and stumbled across a bit of an issue – that being, that the featured image not display in the RSS feed.   As a consequence of this issue, there was also no image in the RSS feed Facebook wall post,  which makes the wall post look a bit bland.

Add classes to anchor elements with wp_list_pages

On a recent WordPress theme I am building, I am using the template tag wp_list_pages() to generate my site navigation. I need to be able to add classes to the anchor tags that this function generates and unfortunately, it does not provide this capability in its API.

How to add a WordPress theme thumbnail in WordPress admin backend

I have just been pulling my hair out trying to find out how to add a thumbnail image to the  ‘Themes’  area in the  Wordress backend admin tool.  This aint documented ANYWHERE on t’internet – or if it is, I can’t find it!

How to centre a DIV using CSS

“How do I centre a DIV?” is rather a common question but surprising there isnt much information out there about how to do it – well here’s how!   If you want to centre a DIV (or any other block element) in CSS do the following: