How to add featured image to RSS feed

I have just connected the RSS feed for my Seasiders Podcast blog with its respective Facebook fan page wall using the Social RSS Facebook application and stumbled across a bit of an issue – that being, that the featured image not display in the RSS feed.   As a consequence of this issue, there was also no image in the RSS feed Facebook wall post,  which makes the wall post look a bit bland.

This problem seems to have occurred as I used the  ‘Featured Image’ method for display post thumbnails which was introduced in version 2.9 of WordPress, which is a fantastic time saver and a more efficient end user method for displaying and inserting thumbnails into posts rather than messing about with custom fields.

Anyway, a way around this is to simply cut and paste this code into your themes functions.php file and and the code will be execute automatically using add_filter method. Hey presto, featured images wing their over to your RSS feed!  Pretty sweet.

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