Learn Responsive Web Design – Some Resources

I have recently stumbled upon the concept of responsive web design and following reading several articles on the topic, and bearing in mind the ever increasing number of web enabled devices (tablets, mobile phones, web enabled TVs, laptops, wide screen PC monitors etc) now flooding the market,  I believe this is the future of coding web design.

Its time to tear up all those 960 grid systems and starting thinking of a new paradigm peeps!  I personally liken this web design coding paradigm shift to when the change was made from the table based to DIV (i.e. web standards) based approach in the early noughties.

The basic concept of responsive web design, is that you build a site once and it will automatically scale to fit the device which is viewing its content. Rather than regurgitate what has already been written on the topic, I have provided a few links to the articles I have read, so have a read and see if you agree with me.


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