is a car rental agency which allows a user to book a hire car from numerous partner branches located throughout the world. The branches are primarily located near airports and this is where users generally pick-up and drop-off their hire cars.

The problem

There are occasions, however, when the user would search to pick-up the car from non-airport locations, such as a city e.g. London, Manchester, etc. On these occasions the user would mostly type a city name as their pick up point.

This caused a problem for both the user and the client as RentalCars were not able to present the most relevant search results, as they did not know exactly where in the city the user wanted to pick-up the car from. There was a hypothesis from the business that this was the reason conversion rates were significantly lower than ‘airport’ searching users.

Full project review

I’m yet to get round to converting the full project write up from Google Docs to HTML so I can include on this site. I have however created a PDF document which you can access here: Non-airport UX project write up for</p>


Click this link to access the prototype.

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